Knight festival

Medieval Jousting weekend

Snorting horses are pawing their hooves, cloaked in preciously embroidered pelmets in heraldic colours of dignified knights. Upholding their lances, wrapped in rattling armours, the disputants are awaiting the trumpet call. 

The castle market offers a colourful scene of medivial trading and manufactures. Some nearly forgotten work of art perk up on these days. Bandsmen, jugglers and jesters show their abilities, brimming mugs are handed around and delicious fragrances ascend within the densely packed stalls.

Castle Satzvey, residence of Count and Countess Beissel von Gymnich, is famous beyond the borders. It is the location of numerous big events like spooky Walpurgis Night, Halloween and Medieval Xmas. 

Service included

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  • 1 Übernachtung mit Frühstück im Hotel Eifeltor
  • Besuch der Ritterfestspiele auf Burg Satzvey 
  • 3 Fahrten je Person auf der Sommerrodelbahn

Preis je Person im Doppelzimmer: 68,50 €