Summer toboggan run & Eifeltor Fun Park

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Ab 01.04.2020. bis 31.110.2020 täglich von 10:00 bis 18:00 Uhr geöffnet.

Änderungen bei schlechtem Wetter möglich!


Oster-, Sommer- und Herbstferien NRW: täglich 12.30 - 17.30 UhrSonstige Zeit: Sa. - So. 12.30 - 17.30 Uhr

Quadbahn ab 31.10.2018 geschlossen.

Bitte beachten Sie die Reservierungspflicht für die Quadbahn bei Gruppen!


Die Indoorarena ist ab November für Sie geöffnet! (02443-981380)

Sa., So + Feiertage: 13.30 - 18.00 Uhr

Weihnachtsferien täglich von 13.30 - 18.00 Uhr

Geburtstagsfeiern in der Woche nach Absprache. 

Geschlossen: Heiligabend, 1. und 2. Weihnachtstag, Silvester, Neujahr, sowie Karneval von Weiberdonnerstag bis Veilchendienstag.

Enter this world of amusement, you won`t be bored!

Sourrounded by forest and grassland, admist region National Park Eifel you will find Eifeltor Fun Park. Fun and alternation receive utmost priority on the approx. 100.000 sqm. family-friendly area.

Kids and adults enjoy racing the modern dry luge run. And if you like it extra-risky, you might prefer assessing your fitness on the off-road track (only with a reservation).

"Digging, swinging, jumping" - that is the motto of our playground for young and older children. Digging in the sand, enjoying the ride on the swing boat or jumping on one of the four trampolines to one´s heart´s content.

You like it a little bit calmer? Then stroll along the 18 hole minigolf area and assess your skills.

In between, the restaurant with its outdoor terraces offers culinary gastronomic specialities lke snacks, coffee and cake and soft drinks.

Summer toboggan run

At full speed into amusement!

You take off right the restaurant. Despite speed, stress and butterflies in one´s stomach it is safe amusement. Once in the bob off you go downward. Test the brake in the soft left turn - works out fine. Take the big left turn past the terrace where the guests are enjoying their coffee. But I´ve got other things in mind now. There´s this 90 degrees right turn ahead. Without braking I´m gathering full speed. The wind is tumbling my hair. Now I´m heading left for the miniature golf area, the flags almost flying past me. A long straight and another right turn of 90 degrees. I´m holding speed, almost lying on the track. Left again and then straight on. After a soft right turn the signs are popping up: "Caution! Brake"" Too bad - the awesome ride is over. Gently I´m taken up the hill to the start. Another ticket - and off I go again at full speed! 

The whole dry luge run is sounded and during evening hours specially illuminated.

Combine your stay with a visit to Open-air Musem with low priced Combi-Tickets.

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Miniature golf

Our minigolf area is perfectly embedded between the curve labyrinth of the dry luge run. Try your skills on 18 holes.

Here families, groups or clubs find out their best in playing miniature golf. Between the holes numerous benches invite you to repose, facing the luges rushing by for a change. See caps flying in the airstream, hear the laughter and screaming of the lugers.

At the kiosk you can buy godies and soft drinks.

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Our fun park offers a wide range of leisure activities for the whole family. Surrounded by forests and lush meadows the young and young-at-heart can have a jolly good romp and make new friends.


"Digging, swinging, jumping", that is our playground motto for young and older children. Operating the hydraulic arm of crane and dregger to one´s heart´s. 

Our electric swing offers an unforgettable flight: Up to four persons at a time can ride our swing boat. Speed and altitude can be set during the ride. 

Four trampoline constructions invite to big jumps and fabulous somersaults.

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Off-road quad track

Once trying our curvaceous course, you are bound to be an ultimate fan of this off-road amusement. Beginner or advanced driver - everyone can test their crossroad capability on the ambitious racetrack. The 350-metre-long circuit hits the spot for everyone.

Easy-going amusement requires solid briefing at the quads and notice of circuit rules.

Driving times:
Only with a reservation.
Groups on appointment.

Legitimated driving to persons older than 18 years or older than 15 years (declaration of consent by legal guardian at hand). Please bring your identity card with you.

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Price information

Summer toboggan run

Single luge per ride 2,90 €
Action package 14,50 € (6 rides)
Group tickets 57,60 € (24 rides)
Group tickets 112,50 € (50 rides)
Double luge per ride 3,50 €
Action package 17,50 € (6 rides)
Group tickets 69,60 € (24 rides)
Group tickets 132,50 € (50 rides)

Miniature golf

1 Course Children and adults 4,50 €


Schiffschaukel 4 Adults/Children 2 x 1,00 €
Trampoline 10 Minutes 3,50 €

Off-road quad track

15 Minuten: pro Person (bis 100 kg) 25,00 €
mit Kind (bis 30 kg) 30,00 €

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